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It's always fun when you get together with your friends. It's even better when you get to collaborate with them on a video project! I had the pleasure of working on this marketing video for DJ Artform. If you ever need a DJ for your next event, make sure to hit him up!

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Rolling Shutter Imagery

With wedding season beginning, many couples are either on the beginning phases or the final stages of planning their wedding. If so, make sure to have videography included to capture your special day. Check out this video on why its important to have Rolling Shutter Imagery for your wedding video needs. 

Father/ Bride Dance

Happy Father's Day to all the loving fathers!


In honor of Father's Day. We have created a list of songs that would be perfect for the Father / Bride dance at your wedding. We also have the list available on Spotify if you want to check out our Spotify playlist to gives these songs a listen. Find us on Spotify as Rolling Shutter Imagery!

  1. I Loved Her First- Heartland
  2. My Little Girl - Tim McGraw
  3. Butterfy Kisses - Bob Carlisle
  4. My Girl - Otis Redding
  5. My Wish - Rascal Flatts
  6. Your Smile - Josh Turner 
  7. Daughters - John Mayor
  8. Come Fly with Me - Frank Sinatra
  9. Love Without End, Amen - George Straight
  10. Dance with My Father - Luther Vandross
  11. Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
  12. You've Got A Friend - James Taylor
  13. I Turn to You - Christina Aguilera
  14. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams
  15. I'll Stand By You - Pretenders

Getting the Most of a Bridal Expo

bridal expo

Wedding expos are great way to sample and meet multiple vendors together in one place. Big bridal expos can be overwhelming but we have some great tips to help you make the most of your bridal expo experience. Its an exciting time, after all, and you should enjoy your time without being overwhelmed. 

  1. Create a wedding email - This will help you keep organized. Give this email to all your wedding vendors and wedding planner that way you have all your information organized together in one place. 
  2. Pre- register for your bridal expo - In some cases, unlikely, but sometimes they can sell out or tickets are cheaper if you buy ahead of time rather than at the door. You will save time at the expo as check in is faster by for pre-sale tickets. Also, this helps vendors be prepared with a headcount of what to expect so they can have enough promotional items, business cards, flyers, ect. 
  3. Limit your squad - I recommend bringing only your fiancé (if fiancé is into wedding planning) or mom or maid of honor. Notice the word OR. Bridal expos can be like ant hills with people scattered everywhere. Its easier to only keep track of one individual besides yourself and you can get more planning done that way. If you go with your bridesmaids and both moms, with a crew of 10 deep, odds are some will get lost and you'll spend a lot of time rallying the troops together rather than experiencing the bridal expo. 
  4. Have a game plan - Know what vendors you are looking for ahead of time. Example: if you venue is booked and they do in house catering then you can scratch some things off the list. Narrow down what vendors you are looking for ahead of time so you can narrow your focus. 
  5. Pre - print labels - Most vendors will host raffles to give away wedding related prizes. Bring labels that have your name, wedding date, phone number and email. This will help you enter each contact quickly and avoid hand cramps. 
  6. Take notes and pictures - You will likely leave the bridal expo with dozens of business cards and may forget which ones you wanted to follow up with. Take pictures of the business cards you want to follow up with along with samples. Or you can write notes on the back of business cards to refresh your memory. 

Mother / Son Dance Songs

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving and hard working moms out there! 

In honor of Mother's Day, we have created a playlist of songs that are great suggestions for the groom and mother dance at a wedding . This list can also be found on our Spotify page so feel free to take a listen and follow up on Spotify!

Listen to our playlist on Spotify

Listen to our playlist on Spotify

Sneak peak of upcoming Love Story

Today we had the pleasure of filming a love story/ video save the date for a wonderful couple. We started out at Helix Brewery in La Mesa and went over to Mount Helix to shoot some additional footage. We got some great shots and can't wait to unveil the finished product. For now, here is a teaser sneak peak. Enjoy! 

Q&A with DJ Artform

We are thrilled to sit down with DJ Artform to get an exclusive Q&A. We have worked with him in the past at weddings and parties and he has been amazing to work with. Who is DJ Artform? Read more and find out.

Where are you from?

"Born in Poway, raised in beautiful San Diego."

What was your childhood dream job? 

"My childhood dream job was to become a Professional Baseball player for the San Diego Padres."

What were your interests in high school? 

"My interests in High School were always centered around Baseball, Family, & Music for the most part. If I wasn’t playing Baseball, I was watching Baseball. If I wasn’t watching Baseball, I was more than likely having out with my family in the Imperial Valley & Mexicali."

How did becoming a DJ spark your interest? 

"Music has always one way or another been in the background throughout my life & once I ended my Baseball career Deejaying definitely filled the void that was there after hanging up my cleats. Music was extremely instrumental throughout my playing days & it luckily allowed me to translate that passion into becoming a DJ."
DJ Artform's Bio

DJ Artform's Bio

What was the moment that made you realize this is what you want to do for a living?

"The moment I realized it was what I wanted to do for a living was when I came to realization that I no longer wanted my time to be wasted by an employer. Time is precious & I knew I had to take a quantum leap if i wanted change in my life."

How many years experience do you have in the music industry? 

"I’ve been deejaying for roughly 7-8 years. I practiced on vinyl for about 2 years before buying a laptop to DJ, while dedicating time to honing my ability to play in public. After feeling comfortable in my approach in mixing & reading a crowd, I then ventured into doing Weddings, Private & Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Lounges, Bars, Art Shows…you name it. Music is always essential in adding a soundtrack to a memory."

What is your favorite music genre?

"My favorite genre of Music has always been a battle between Hip Hop & Spanish Music. I’m very eclectic at heart though."

Who are some of your favorite artists?

"The Roots, Maná, A Tribe Called Quest, Celia Cruz. Just to name a few."

What are your some of your favorite songs from your work out playlist?

"My favorite workout songs would probably consist of some Gente De Zona’s “La Gozadera”, Maino fea. T-Pain’s “All The Above”, Martin Solver’s “Intoxicated” always seem to spark the fire. Always depends on the level of motivation I need for the workout."

What gig to date have you been most excited about landing?

"Landing the San Diego Padres Official DJ gig was by far been the pinnacle in my career at the moment. Truly an honor to have earned to the position."

Has working as a DJ led you to any travels? If so, where to?

"Luckily, Deejaying has given me the opportunity to spread my style of music to amazing cities such as New York San Francisco, Mammoth & Los Angeles."
DJ Artform's logo

DJ Artform's logo

Any advice you'd like to share to new DJs?

"Stay patient & understand that it takes time to achieve a genuine dream. They seem to get caught up with with they see on social media or any other visual outlet for that matter. Amazing things take time to build, which should only give them the understanding the stay hungry and humble."

Advice for brides - What is important to talk to your DJ about before the big day? 

"My advice for Brides before the Big Day, would simply to be transparent & communicate with the DJ as far what style of music they feel would suit the wedding best. Our goal is make the night as fluid as possible as we guide through the sequence of events throughout the day."

Where can we find you? Any residencies or places you frequently DJ? 

"I DJ monthly at the Rabbit Hole & for the most part pepper myself around town doing Weddings & Events. At the moment, I’m building some prospective monthly’s & can’t wait to announce them soon!"

Where can we find you on social media? Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Website?

"You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud & Facebook as DJ ArtForm. You can always check out more information on gigs and updates at WWW.DJARTFORM.COM "

Facebook Contest

We are giving away TWO FREE TICKETS to one lucky winner to the Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza! This event is Sunday, May 7th. 

This contest is being held on our Facebook page so head over and check it out. Rules are simple. 

1) Like our page

2) Tag two friends 


We will be there and winner will be entered into another raffle for a free Video Save the date to add to your wedding website and social media. There will be dozens of other wedding vendors there, free swag bags and lots of other raffles to enter with other wedding vendors. You don't want to miss out on this event!  Good luck! 

Tips On Finding The Right Wedding Videographer

As wedding season vastly approaches, many engaged couples are starting to plan out their special day. From searching venues to finding that right cake, all the little details matter. Last time I wrote about the value of hiring a videographer to capture your wedding day. Today I will be offering some helpful tips in what to look for when choosing the right videographer. 

1. Look at their portfolio/ previous works. Know what their style is like and see if it matches what you are looking for.

2. If you like what they have to offer, meet with the videographer.  Having a sit down with your videographer(s), or any vendor for that matter, is a good way to see if you both parties are compatible. It allows for each party to be comfortable around each other and build a relationship prior to the wedding. The better the relationship, the easier things will be come the day of the wedding.

3. Ask them what services or packages they offer. Each videographer will have a base packages with a certain price point attached to it. Ask in details what each package includes such as hours of coverage, how many cameras or videographers are included, what final product do you get? (documentary edit, highlight, teaser, etc) and what kind of format will you be getting them in? (digital file, dvd, blu-ray etc). Find out any extra costs or add-ons such as extra hours, video love stories, or other services that aren't in the packages. 

4. If you have a specific budget in mind, communicate that with the videographer. A lot of videographers will have packages available but if there is a specific budget the client has in mind then they can tailor it to fit their needs. Be mindful of your timelines as this is the biggest factor in how much video coverage they will charge their clients (i.e. 6 hour, 8 hours, or 10 hours).

5. Ask the videographer if they will be shooting your wedding or will it be someone else. During the busy season many studios will book more than one wedding on the same day due to high demand. If that's the case, ask if that particular videographer is available on your wedding date. Be clear on who you are expecting to film on your wedding day. Companies will disclose if it will be them or another member of the company. 

6. Be aware of the turnaround time for your video. Depending on the high volume of projects they have, make sure you are clear on how long your video will take to be completed. Some companies offer 4-8 weeks turnaround, while others may take as long as 6 months or longer. I have talked to some videographers that are a year behind! Just take this into consideration so you aren't anxiously waiting for your keepsake to be ready.