Mother / Son Dance Songs

Happy Mother's Day to all the loving and hard working moms out there! 

In honor of Mother's Day, we have created a playlist of songs that are great suggestions for the groom and mother dance at a wedding . This list can also be found on our Spotify page so feel free to take a listen and follow up on Spotify!

Listen to our playlist on Spotify

Listen to our playlist on Spotify

Single Ladies Dance Proposal

The very start of the wedding planning is the proposal. Its always a pleasure to be asked to film the proposal, such a romantic time! A few years back, we had the pleasure of filming some good friends of ours proposal. It was a complete surprise to the future Mrs. as she had no idea. It was her birthday party and through out the entire proposal she thought it was just a special birthday present until he pulled out the ring! 

Its been years and every time I watch this back I laugh and cry. In my opinion, definitely one of the top ways to propose! Its up there on the list of best proposals ever! 

Please enjoy and let us know if you are interested in having us film the start of your happily ever after... the proposal!

- Delisa