Kadayawan Neon Market

Episode 2: Kadayawan Neon Market

The foodie that I am, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the local street market to sample some of the foods Davao City had to offer. From contemporary filipino-fusion cuisine to delectable desserts, the Kadayawan Neon Market was a family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to my cousin Lythel Angelique Mijares Apura and her team at Manic Productions for putting on a great event.

Philippines 2017

This past month I took a trip back home to the Philippines since 2003, and with that decided to bring my camera along. At first I was a bit hesitant to bring it because I didn't want to be "working" because this was a family vacation. However,  after much thought I decided to bring it and took this opportunity to document our experiences and tell a story through my lens. For the next few weeks I will be posting videos of the trip in the small segment forms. Here is the first segment from our long 24-hour travel day from San Diego to Davao City. 

Let the adventure begin!

Let the adventure begin!

Adventures of Blackman - Comic Con 2017

Each year movie buffs, comic lovers, and everything pop culture come together in San Diego for the annual San Diego Comic Con. Walking around Downtown San Diego, the entire atmosphere is definitely a spectacle to be seen; bringing in several hundreds of thousands during the 4-day event. This year we had an opportunity to cruise around the epicenter of everything that is Comic Con with a special guest along the way: BLACKMAN. Check out the latest video to see the shenanigans that went on at Comic Con.

Tips On Finding The Right Wedding Videographer

As wedding season vastly approaches, many engaged couples are starting to plan out their special day. From searching venues to finding that right cake, all the little details matter. Last time I wrote about the value of hiring a videographer to capture your wedding day. Today I will be offering some helpful tips in what to look for when choosing the right videographer. 

1. Look at their portfolio/ previous works. Know what their style is like and see if it matches what you are looking for.

2. If you like what they have to offer, meet with the videographer.  Having a sit down with your videographer(s), or any vendor for that matter, is a good way to see if you both parties are compatible. It allows for each party to be comfortable around each other and build a relationship prior to the wedding. The better the relationship, the easier things will be come the day of the wedding.

3. Ask them what services or packages they offer. Each videographer will have a base packages with a certain price point attached to it. Ask in details what each package includes such as hours of coverage, how many cameras or videographers are included, what final product do you get? (documentary edit, highlight, teaser, etc) and what kind of format will you be getting them in? (digital file, dvd, blu-ray etc). Find out any extra costs or add-ons such as extra hours, video love stories, or other services that aren't in the packages. 

4. If you have a specific budget in mind, communicate that with the videographer. A lot of videographers will have packages available but if there is a specific budget the client has in mind then they can tailor it to fit their needs. Be mindful of your timelines as this is the biggest factor in how much video coverage they will charge their clients (i.e. 6 hour, 8 hours, or 10 hours).

5. Ask the videographer if they will be shooting your wedding or will it be someone else. During the busy season many studios will book more than one wedding on the same day due to high demand. If that's the case, ask if that particular videographer is available on your wedding date. Be clear on who you are expecting to film on your wedding day. Companies will disclose if it will be them or another member of the company. 

6. Be aware of the turnaround time for your video. Depending on the high volume of projects they have, make sure you are clear on how long your video will take to be completed. Some companies offer 4-8 weeks turnaround, while others may take as long as 6 months or longer. I have talked to some videographers that are a year behind! Just take this into consideration so you aren't anxiously waiting for your keepsake to be ready.



Videos for keep sake

I've been reading study upon study on how 2017 is the year for videos and how people are spending more time watching videos online than any ever before. The availability of videos and new information through videos at our fingertips is changing how we spend our spare time. While this is a great thing and it highlights how far generations have come with technology, it can lessen the amount of time we spending talking and mingling with our own family and friends. Is it possible we are spending more time learning about strangers through video than celebrating our own successes and spending time with our own family members?

I remember the days growing up when Mom or Dad or Grandparents would pull out the old camera and take pictures on special occasions. We would wait a few days while the film was developed at the local drug store. It was so exciting to re-live those moments once the film was ready. I hold special memories dear to my heart when the family would get together to look at the newly developed pictures. Pictures are timeless; its nice to know they are available to reflect on at any time. How fun would it be if we brought the family back together for moments like this with film?

Most people, only think to hire videographers for weddings, mitzvah, quinces or milestone birthdays. There are so many other great memorable moments that are worth documenting and maybe hiring a videographer (for a fraction of the cost because less time is required and video much less elaborate than a wedding) or capturing via film yourself. I've composed a list of film worthy moments in any individuals life that I encourage everyone to capture via film to cherish for years to come. 

  • Any birthday party (especially a 1st birthday party)
  • Engagement / love story / video save the date
  • Recitals
  • Sports games (ex. child's soccer or basketball game)
  • Fun day at the park with a pet or children
  • Family vacation
  • Family reunion
  • Memoir
  • New Home Purchase (First home purchase)
  • Active duty military home from deployment
  • Celebration of life
  • Photo montage

Capturing any of these special events is a great way to get together with the family to relive memories and ensure your legacy lives on for generations to come. I have to say I LOVE the idea of getting grandma or grandpas video memoir for the family to have. I wish I would have known more about my great grandparents. Celebrities do it all the time, but wouldn't your parents' parents' parents video memoir be so much more interesting to watch? 

I hope this inspires many to document and build memories now for generations to come. It'll be a fun process along the way and will be great to have when you are finished. 

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Tim next time! - Delisa