Sneak peak of upcoming Love Story

Today we had the pleasure of filming a love story/ video save the date for a wonderful couple. We started out at Helix Brewery in La Mesa and went over to Mount Helix to shoot some additional footage. We got some great shots and can't wait to unveil the finished product. For now, here is a teaser sneak peak. Enjoy! 

7 Unexpected Bride Outfits to Budget For

When budgeting for a wedding, most brides only factor in costs for THE DRESS when planning wardrobe budgets. However, there are so many more outfits to be considered in all wedding events leading up to the big day. Celebrating your engagement is such a special time and all eyes will be on you. We have compiled a list of 7 unexpected wedding events that most will want to shop for a special outfit for these occasions. Pictures will be taken and, as a bride, you will want to look stunning. When making your overall budget, factor in costs for these 7 events.

Most of the events are self explanatory; engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. These are gatherings to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Pictures will be taken and the spot light will be on you so you'll want to feel beautiful and confident. 

For the engagement photoshoot I highly encourage coordinating with your fiancé. While you don't need to be matching, you'll want to make sure that you don't clash. Also, stray away from both of you wearing pattern. it just not pleasing to the eye when one is wearing plaid and the other has psychedelic flower pattern. Also, you only need one outfit but some like to prepare two or three outfits so make sure you are prepared with your shoes and accessories to match each. 

For the wedding day, most brides have their photographer / videographer film prior to the ceremony to get some shots of you getting dressed. Make sure you have a robe or cute top that you won't mind being filmed in. Button ups are recommended as you don't want to ruin our hair and make up when its time to change into your wedding dress. 

Lastly, a new trend is to have a day after the wedding brunch. This is mostly for family, out of town guests and the bridal party. Your guests want to see you one last time for goodbyes prior to going home or to see you off before the honey moon. This can be casual and just make sure you are prepared with something you will be confident in. 

Hope this helps you remember what events to keep in mind and when planning your big day.  Happy shopping and enjoy the engagement festivities!

- Delisa