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Rolling Shutter Imagery

With wedding season beginning, many couples are either on the beginning phases or the final stages of planning their wedding. If so, make sure to have videography included to capture your special day. Check out this video on why its important to have Rolling Shutter Imagery for your wedding video needs. 

Dee's 30th Birthday Bubble Soccer

Rolling Shutter's own Delisa Sagun celebrated her 30th Birthday in a fun way by having 20 of our closest friends engage in some Bubble Soccer fun. Despite the 90 degree temperature at game time (10am) it was definitely a fun and exhausting time. Who knew running around inside a 20lb bubble would be so tiring. We were definitely sore the next day. Thanks to the team from San Diego Bubble Soccer for providing us the pleasure and make sure to give them a call if you ever want a group of your friends to play. It was definitely a blast for everyone! Here is a little of the shenanigans that went down during Bubble Soccer.