Getting the Most of a Bridal Expo

bridal expo

Wedding expos are great way to sample and meet multiple vendors together in one place. Big bridal expos can be overwhelming but we have some great tips to help you make the most of your bridal expo experience. Its an exciting time, after all, and you should enjoy your time without being overwhelmed. 

  1. Create a wedding email - This will help you keep organized. Give this email to all your wedding vendors and wedding planner that way you have all your information organized together in one place. 
  2. Pre- register for your bridal expo - In some cases, unlikely, but sometimes they can sell out or tickets are cheaper if you buy ahead of time rather than at the door. You will save time at the expo as check in is faster by for pre-sale tickets. Also, this helps vendors be prepared with a headcount of what to expect so they can have enough promotional items, business cards, flyers, ect. 
  3. Limit your squad - I recommend bringing only your fiancé (if fiancé is into wedding planning) or mom or maid of honor. Notice the word OR. Bridal expos can be like ant hills with people scattered everywhere. Its easier to only keep track of one individual besides yourself and you can get more planning done that way. If you go with your bridesmaids and both moms, with a crew of 10 deep, odds are some will get lost and you'll spend a lot of time rallying the troops together rather than experiencing the bridal expo. 
  4. Have a game plan - Know what vendors you are looking for ahead of time. Example: if you venue is booked and they do in house catering then you can scratch some things off the list. Narrow down what vendors you are looking for ahead of time so you can narrow your focus. 
  5. Pre - print labels - Most vendors will host raffles to give away wedding related prizes. Bring labels that have your name, wedding date, phone number and email. This will help you enter each contact quickly and avoid hand cramps. 
  6. Take notes and pictures - You will likely leave the bridal expo with dozens of business cards and may forget which ones you wanted to follow up with. Take pictures of the business cards you want to follow up with along with samples. Or you can write notes on the back of business cards to refresh your memory. 

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