Eating on your wedding day

If your wedding day is soon approaching, you've probably received a lot of advice from others regarding eating, or not being able to eat, on your wedding day. During dinner, your guests are thrilled for you and admiring every aspect of your wedding. Your guests view this as their first opportunity, and potentially only one, to thank you, congratulate you or compliment you and how nice your wedding is. This can easily turn into your entire dinner portion of the reception being used to greet guests, and not the intended plan of eating dinner. Wave good-bye to dinner.

I have a few tips that can allow you for time to eat and still get to greet all your wedding guests during the dinner portion. Your eating may be rushed but at least you will get a few moments to eat and enjoy the meal you've been planning and looking forward to for months. This mainly works with seated dinner but I can see it easily being used for buffet style as well. 

You MUST coordinate ahead of time with your caterer and photographer. Fill them in on your game plan ahead of time so all ducks are in a row. You want your caterer to know the plan and the photographer prepared that dinner time is go time. 

Game plan: You advise the caterer that you wish to be served first. It is encouraged for bride and groom to receive the salad and meal at the same time for best use of time. Be prepared to eat fast. The plan is to eat your meal while your guests are eating salads. You want to finish up as your guests are starting on the main course. Then, you go around to each and every table and greet your guests and take a picture with each table. This way, if someone interrupts you as your eat, you can politely say, "Thank you for coming and saying hello. We are coming around to each table in just a bit to take a picture and say hi. We just want to finish eating quickly so we can come by and say hello. We will talk to you in a bit when we come to your table, okay?". Your guest will feel better knowing they have promised time and picture awaiting so they will leave quickly. And there you have it. Guaranteed eating your meal, and bonus, a guaranteed picture with every single guest at your wedding. You can physically move around to each table and take a picture with each table or stay center on the dance floor and have each table come to you. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and your stomach will be pleased as well. 

Hopefully this foodie's advice can assist another foodie with enjoying their meal on their wedding day. Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and advice to come. 

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Until next time....  hope everyone enjoys the holiday. Happy Presidents Day! 

- Delisa