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Client Testimonials

Whether you are an established business or a start-up company, client testimonials is a good way for business to showcase their products through their customers. As a society we tend to be influenced with what people say about certain places, products, or services. YELP is a prime example of how reviews and ratings from consumers can influence the success of a company. The better the ratings, the more popular the business. That is why the power of customer testimonial is important in the large landscape of a business. It shows to their target audience that their product works from people who have used it firsthand. 

Many companies are incorporating video testimonials as a marketing tool. It can be used as a stand alone video or be incorporated as a soundbites in a promotional video. By presenting prospective clients with situations of your services improving your customers’ lives or asking them to speak for themselves adds an element of credibility to your business, which in turn will generate more traffic leads, convert customers and ultimately lead to increase sales. If your company is interested in creating a video for your company feel free to email us and we can help you create the perfect video that suits your needs.



Behind the Scenes with Tonkean

Last week we had a pleasure working on a client testimonial with Tonkean, a company specializing in project management tools with offices in Tel Aviv and San Francisco. On this particular shoot, I was working CEO & Founder Sagi Eliyahu to interview one of their clients on their experiences using their product. Our interview subject was Wes Goldstein, Director of Client Engagement atJCS Consulting Group.  

Fiilex three light setup

Fiilex three light setup

I was excited for this shoot because it allowed me to test out the new Canon 70-200mm f2.8 mkII lens that I rented from a local photography store. I have been looking to getting this lens and read reviews online about it. My initial thought of the lens is that it was HEAVY! I was extremely impressed with the build quality being robust. There was nothing plastic about this lens as some others might tend to feel. Attached with my c100, this was a setup a dream come true for me. As far as the image quality, it has to be the sharpest lens I've used so far. The contrast and sharpness of the image is superior, even at an aperture of f2.8. 

Canon C100mkii with the 70-200mm f2.8 mkii

Canon C100mkii with the 70-200mm f2.8 mkii

Screen Shot of the interview 

Screen Shot of the interview 

Overall, I had a great time working with both Tonkean and JCS Consulting. I would personally like to thank Sagi and Wes for allowing me to shoot at their office. Please stay tuned as the video will be coming out soon. Make sure to also follow  us on Instagram and on Facebook to see what we are up to next.

Another Happy Client....

A few months ago we worked with a client who was looking to launch a Kickstart campaign for their product "Umbipack", a retractable child harness. Today we received an email sharing their experiences with Rolling Shutter Imagery. If you need a video for your Kickstarter campaign, give us a call and we will be happy to create a product for you.

After being referred to Tristan by my husband, who had seen his work prior, I was excited to see what he would be able to create for a Kickstarter campaign I was launching. The product was for kids and was going to require Tristan managing the temperament of toddlers, so I was a little nervous for how the shoot would go. We had to be on a tight schedule but get great shots of the kids with the product. With a limited time table and chaos the entire time, Tristan was AMAZING to work with. He was extremely professional and beyond efficient at each shoot location. He was able to engage the children and get the perfect shots. It was a joy to work with him and the video turned out better than I could have expected. I can’t wait to work with him again and will continue to refer friends and family his way! :)

-Nicole C., UmbiPack

Looking Back...

After over a decade in the industry, I have begun to reflect back on where my journey as taken me so far. Now, I can't speak for everyone and what I am writing is through my own personal experience. Take it for a grain of salt because everyone has different paths to their own destination. This article is intended for those who might be interested doing video/ or film work, or would just like an insider's perspective. 

After graduating college, I knew what I wanted to do but didn't know where to start. During my senior year at California State University, a documentary I was working on was selected to be viewed at our Student Showcase. During the showcase, I was fortunate enough to meet a representative from a PEG (Public, Education, Government) station who saw the piece and introduced herself to me. I eventually interned at the station and then got a full-time job there where I learned the ins and outs of television broadcasting. Which leads my to my first point of emphasis when trying to break into the industry: NETWORKING IS ESSENTIAL. Regardless if you are an intern or someone who has been doing video/ films for 10+ years, networking is an important part in being successful and having longevity. I am a firm believer in making a good impression and being professional at all times. Introduce yourself and start having a conversation. This is an important life skill to have. If you don't, make a point to do it. Get of out that comfort zone because  you never know if that person you meet or work with will need you again or will refer work to you later down the road. 

As I began working at the PEG Station, I quickly learned that this wasn't a classroom anymore. There was no teacher or classroom setting to act a safety net; this was the real world. An environment like that can quickly overwhelm a recent college graduate. It's easy to be overwhelmed by meetings with project managers, making tight deadlines, edit reviews with the production supervisor and keeping on budget when faced with it all at once. This brings me to my second point: Develop your own voice, your own style and your own workflow.  During that time, at least for me, was when I began to develop my voice. Every editor/ shooter/ production crew member/ etc. will have their own way of doing things. We develop a workflow that makes it easy for us to get things done when we are in a crunch. Not every editor "edits" the same way, not every videographer/cinematographer will shoot alike, and so forth. I can't stress this enough for beginners. Experiment with new things, learn new technology, produce different content. JUST DO IT! It is important to not get lost in all the information, but to adapt it into your overall style. Ultimately, this will be the foundation of things going forward: how you proceed with work, the different angles of your shots, the different softwares using when editing, and ultimately how the final piece will look. Use all the skills you've learned to highlight your style.

Hopefully with these two points I have covered, someone who is interested in pursuing will have some insight on this career field. Everyone will have different experiences so my story will differ from someone else reading this. The words may not resonate with the reader and it's totally ok. The biggest thing I want someone starting in the industry is to just step out of your comfort zone and experience new things, meet new people, and continually grow as a person.






Eating on your wedding day

If your wedding day is soon approaching, you've probably received a lot of advice from others regarding eating, or not being able to eat, on your wedding day. During dinner, your guests are thrilled for you and admiring every aspect of your wedding. Your guests view this as their first opportunity, and potentially only one, to thank you, congratulate you or compliment you and how nice your wedding is. This can easily turn into your entire dinner portion of the reception being used to greet guests, and not the intended plan of eating dinner. Wave good-bye to dinner.

I have a few tips that can allow you for time to eat and still get to greet all your wedding guests during the dinner portion. Your eating may be rushed but at least you will get a few moments to eat and enjoy the meal you've been planning and looking forward to for months. This mainly works with seated dinner but I can see it easily being used for buffet style as well. 

You MUST coordinate ahead of time with your caterer and photographer. Fill them in on your game plan ahead of time so all ducks are in a row. You want your caterer to know the plan and the photographer prepared that dinner time is go time. 

Game plan: You advise the caterer that you wish to be served first. It is encouraged for bride and groom to receive the salad and meal at the same time for best use of time. Be prepared to eat fast. The plan is to eat your meal while your guests are eating salads. You want to finish up as your guests are starting on the main course. Then, you go around to each and every table and greet your guests and take a picture with each table. This way, if someone interrupts you as your eat, you can politely say, "Thank you for coming and saying hello. We are coming around to each table in just a bit to take a picture and say hi. We just want to finish eating quickly so we can come by and say hello. We will talk to you in a bit when we come to your table, okay?". Your guest will feel better knowing they have promised time and picture awaiting so they will leave quickly. And there you have it. Guaranteed eating your meal, and bonus, a guaranteed picture with every single guest at your wedding. You can physically move around to each table and take a picture with each table or stay center on the dance floor and have each table come to you. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and your stomach will be pleased as well. 

Hopefully this foodie's advice can assist another foodie with enjoying their meal on their wedding day. Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and advice to come. 

Also, be sure to check us out on Instagram @Rollingshutterimagery and on twitter @RSImagery. 

Until next time....  hope everyone enjoys the holiday. Happy Presidents Day! 

- Delisa 

Founding of Rolling Shutter Imagery

Founder of Rolling Shutter Imagery, Tristan Sagun, graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2006 with a degree in Visual Performing Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia Arts. Upon graduation, he began his career in video production at a PEG television station in Oceanside, CA. Since then, he perfected his craft by filming a range of events from corporate and small businesses, to weddings and special events. With over ten years experience, Tristan launched Rolling Shutter Imagery, which serves the Southern California Region.

Tristan has experience ranging from live broadcasting events from city council meetings, fashion shows, to fast pace live events like paintball tournaments and drag racing competitions. He  has filmed and produced corporate videos for many growing businesses to add to their websites and marketing channels. Additionally, Tristan has also filmed and edited numerous special events from weddings to mitzvahs and birthday parties. 

Delisa, co-founder of Rolling Shutter Imagery, has experience in product management and event planning and coordination. Delisa has worked with brides to plan their dream weddings and wedding weekend events. With Delisa and Tristan's expertise combined, we are creating the perfect platform to assist businesses and brides alike in fulfilling their video needs. 

Both individuals work together with assisting clients. By contacting Rolling Shutter Imagery, your main video editor will be Tristan, but you may be in contact with both individuals. In addition, either Delisa or Tristan may post a blog depending on who the best fit for the topic is, and will sign off accordingly. 

Thank you for taking the time in visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us for any and all inquiries. We look forward to working with you. Our team of highly trained video professionals will work together to leave you with a memento to cherish and share for years to come.


Warm Regards, 

Tristan and Delisa