Wedding Day Timeline

On your wedding day, you will want to create a timeline and send it to your bridal party, or at least bridesmaids, ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect. Trust me, it will come in handy and this is the best way to ensure you don't run hours late or have rushed hair and make up time. 

Coordinate with your hair stylist and make up artist ahead of time so you know how much time they need on each individual. Then schedule so that you keep the momentum running. For my wedding day, for example, the hair stylist needed 30 minutes per individual and make up needed 45 for each bridesmaid and 1 hour for the bride. Schedule each individual so that each can easily make their "appointment". See my example below for reference. Also note, my bridesmaid 2 decided to her own make up thats why she is missing on the right column. 

*also note* On my example below, please ignore "Vons Run" at 8am or substitute for what is needed on your special day. You can pick up breakfast or drive to the venue. Substitute for what you need. 

Wedding Day Timeline

I had a wedding day coordinator so from 7:30 - 10:30 I left cake cutting and bouquet and garter tossing to my wedding coordinator to pull me when needed so that I could enjoy the reception. You can do without it you have a stellar made of honor or bridesmaid that will keep you on track. Just schedule those as you wish, and inform the DJ, your DJ can assist by announcing when ready. Just ensure someone is available to guide you when needed to you can enjoy every second of your special day. 

Also, for the entire day, well from 2:30pm on, I did not have a watch or my phone. I was VERY reliant on my coordinate to guide me in sticking to the schedule, but the fact that I had a schedule to stick to made the day a breeze. Again, any bridesmaid can help you stay on track if you have your day planned. 

I hope you find my example of the wedding day timeline helpful. Happy planning!

- Delisa