Recovery Ride 2018

We partnered up with Avenir Thinking and Stepping Stone of San Diego to promote the Recovery Ride, an annual charity cycling event where proceeds benefit the San Diego HIV Funding Collaborative in their mission to fight AIDS. For more information about the event visit www.therecoveryride.org

Behind the Scenes with Anna Naturalista and Marci Lock

Rolling Shutter was in Encinitas, CA to cover a 2-Day Event featuring Anna Naturalista and Marci Lock. The workshop highlighted spiritual teachings of the Federation Damanhur which included guest speakers, communal teachings, meditation, and spiritual well-being. We had the pleasure of covering the retreat and working with the two ladies.

Make sure to follow our blog to see highlights of the retreat. For more information on the the spiritual teachings,  visit their website at www.annanaturalista.com, as well as their YouTube Channel Naturalista TV to see their videos.