Poll Results on The Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza

We had the pleasure of being a vendor at the Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, May 7th. We had a great time meeting newly engaged brides who are ready to plan their wedding, as well as, other vendors in the industry. Below is a photo of us at the event.


While at the show, we took a poll of the brides to find out how long the couples plan to be  engaged before officially getting married. Below are the results of our poll. 

Less than 6 months - 23%

6 - 12 months - 23%

12 - 18 moths - 38.5%

Greater than 18 moths - 15.5%

Wedding Budget

Ready to start planning your wedding?

I think absolute first step to start planning your wedding is to find out your budget. Once you have an absolute grand total, stick to it! I know brides get wedding fever and the budget goes out the window. Trust me, you'll be must happier paying off your wedding when its all said and done, and not having 5 years scheduled credit card debt for uplighting, chiavari chairs and customized napkins that ended up in the trash. 

Venue and food are likely going to be your biggest expense. I would start there and budget in everything else. Do some research to find out generally how much cake, photography, DJs, etc. run in your area so you have a realistic idea of how much to save to your budget on other areas. I would estimate saving $5,000 - $15,000 of your budget for things other than your venue and food.. again depending on your budget. 

*** Side note. I'm going to start a #WeddingHack blog series to show you how to cut corners in your budget to make up for unexpected costs or costs that were more than you anticipated. Trust me, there is always some costs to cut! **

This is the budget I made and use myself when wedding planning. I am often told I am the best with staying on budget! I hope you find good use in it. 

Happy Planning! 


Wedding Budget