Poll Results on The Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza

We had the pleasure of being a vendor at the Ultimate Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, May 7th. We had a great time meeting newly engaged brides who are ready to plan their wedding, as well as, other vendors in the industry. Below is a photo of us at the event.


While at the show, we took a poll of the brides to find out how long the couples plan to be  engaged before officially getting married. Below are the results of our poll. 

Less than 6 months - 23%

6 - 12 months - 23%

12 - 18 moths - 38.5%

Greater than 18 moths - 15.5%

Shoutout From Brain Candy Podcast

One of Delisa's favorite Podcast's to listen to is the Brain Candy Podcast hosted by Susie Mesiter and Sarah Rice. This podcast talks of a variety of topics and is very involved and connected to their listeners. Each week they post a new episode, and after each episode they give a newsletter to their listeners full of pictures, links or additional information in relation to the topics discussed in that week's episode so listeners can further look into each topic. 

Last month, the ladies at Brain Candy Podcast did an episode all about weddings. Well of course,  weddings and Rolling Shutter Imagery go hand in hand. The ladies at Brain Candy Podcast gave Rolling Shutter Imagery an honorable mention in that week's newsletter! We are grateful to be mentioned and so excited that other listeners took the time to visit our website. 

Thanks again to Brain Candy Podcast for the support. Feel free to check out their podcast on iTunes or visit their website:  https://thebraincandypodcast.com

Below is an a portion of the newsletter: 


Do you, listener, take this podcast, to have and to hold till death do you part? 

We hope you DO! 
We're all about supporting our single ladies (and gentlemen) but who doesn't love laughing about all the insanity that comes with weddings? In episode 109, we relive the good, the bad, and the down right ugly from her wedding and mine as well as read wedding day tales submitted by you, our listeners! 

Thank you all so much for writing in and sharing your wedding stories! We loved every one and wish we could have shared them all! We also love supporting the hard work you guys do, so this week we're giving a shout out to our listener Delisa who works for Rolling Shutter Imagery! She does video productions services and has a blog where you can find plenty of wedding planning advice! If you are an engaged brainiac in need of wedding tips, shes got you covered! Oh, and her business is going to give away 2 free tickets to a local Bridal bizarre! Check em out at www.RollingShutterImagery.com

As much as we LOVE wedding, we also love celebrating single-hood! (Is that a thing? If not, It should be..) SOO we're hooking you up with 20% off your first box at www.singlesswag.com! This is where Sarah got that exfoliating spray she was blabbing about!

OH! And remember how Susie told us TJ Lavin does weddings!? We don't have a link to an official website or anything, we just wanted to make sure you guys knew this in case you wanted to ditch your current officiant. 

But what we DO have is a pic of Black Merkin, the garage band that serenaded Sarah on the night of her rehearsal dinner with the smooth sounds of Snoop Dogg. We couldn't post the video on here, but we will throw a clip up on our instagram and make the FULL video  available at www.patreon.com/braincandy! (I hate to admit it, but its good.) 

Sarah shared some cute DIY projects to save $$$ and we wanted to give you guys a list of a few things she recommends! 
-Have a friend (or a few friends) help with calligraphy/addressing cards. 
-Etsy! There are literally thousands of small businesses where you can get anything and everything for weddings! Here is a link to the seller who made the coloring books for Sarah's wedding! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SugarPieStudio
(many brides are selling their unused/extra decor on Etsy too!)
-Go with a food truck instead of pricy catering
We hope that we dished out some good advice for people planning weddings and thanks again for all your stories! We loved this episode so much we may have to do a part 2! !

Wishing you joy and happiness and make sure to leave us a 5 star review over on iTunes! Muuah! 
Sarah and Susie