Why Hiring A Videographer Makes Sense

When it comes to planning a wedding, photography is on the top of that list. Photography and weddings are intertwined, it is a "must-have" for couples because they want to capture that special day. But what about videography services? It usually gets overlooked because people don't see the value of it. Wedding videography has come a long way, especially in the last few years with the introduction of the DSLR and recording live video. It has evolved from a wedding party video to a more cinematic style feature. I am not here to vouch for videography services over photography, as both compliment each other well. Rather I am here to show why you should include wedding videography services in your budget.

Photography and Videography are like apples and oranges, it isn't fair to compare one to the other. Each have their own distinct characteristics that add value to the wedding day. Photos captures THE MOMENT: the details, the reaction, the kiss, and so forth. Videos, on the other hand, captures THE ACTION: the emotions, the sounds, the facial expressions. While still photography captures a frame of that moment, video captures the whole sequence. Another asset for video is the ability to capture audio. Wouldn't you like to reflect back on your wedding day and listen to your vows? How about the special toasts and messages that was given during the reception? Or what about just taking in the sights and sounds of the entire day? This is what video has to offer. It encapsulates the entire day from beginning to end. With so many scheduled activities crammed in one day, many married couples say that the day goes by fast. When everything is all said and done and it's finally time to relax, the wedding is over. Wouldn't you like to have a keepsake that you are able to look back on and invoke those emotions again from the wedding day? This is why having a wedding video is essential.