Rolling Shutter Imagery

A video production company that offers a variety of services ranging from business and real estate, to weddings and special events. We tailor our expertise to meet our client's specific needs. 




How it all began

Founder of Rolling Shutter Imagery, Tristan Sagun, graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2006 with a degree in Visual Performing Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia Arts. Upon graduation, he began his career in video production at a PEG television station in Oceanside, CA. Since then, he perfected his craft by filming a range of events from corporate and small businesses, to weddings and special events. With over ten years experience, Tristan launched Rolling Shutter Imagery, which serves the Southern California Region.

Tristan has experience ranging from live broadcasting events from city council meetings, fashion shows, to fast pace live events like paintball tournaments and drag racing competitions. He  has filmed and produced corporate videos for many growing businesses to add to their websites and marketing channels. Additionally, Tristan has also filmed and edited numerous special events from weddings to mitzvahs and birthday parties. 

Along with Tristan, the rest of our highly trained video professionals will work extensively to create your personal story. Our goal is to leave you with a memento to cherish and share for years to come.


Co-founder of Rolling Shutter Imagery, Delisa Sagun, graduated from Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration - Marketing and a minor in Professional Writing. While enrolled as a full time student, Delisa began her career in business and management while managing at a local business in San Angelo. Upon graduating from college, Delisa moved to Corpus Christi where she began a new career in a large corporation that re-located her to San Diego, CA. Delisa continued to grow her experience in business and management which led to multiple promotions in the coming years. 

While working full time, Delisa also wanted to gain experience in  product management and event planning / wedding coordination. Delisa  worked with brides throughout the years to plan their dream weddings from start to finish. Working with multiple brides, Delisa has assisted with coordinating beautiful weddings, and associated wedding events, in South Carolina, Texas and California. The years of experience gained in event planning and product management led to the perfect business partner to join Tristan and together launched Rolling Shutter Imagery. 


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